EdiMotion 14. – 17.10.2022

International Panel

Rising and Falling Together:
Experiences and Perspectives on Collaborative Editing

Clearly, their number has been increasing in recent years: Film projects in which more than one editor is involved – and not just one after the other, but simultaneously. Some of the factors responsible for this are: The boom of streaming formats, the flood of raw material in complex documentaries, the technical advances that make parallel work much more efficient than before, even over long distances.

But what are the experiences with this trend? Under what conditions does collaboration work best, and when does it fail, or at least lead to disappointment? How can a team of editors find a common „signature“, that benefits the project not only logistically but also creatively? Or do different approaches, hierarchical conflicts and sometimes also an impression of interchangeability ensure that existing potential is not fully realised? The spectrum ranges from the happiness of belonging to a family-like community – to the bitter ordeal of being thwarted and/or ignored.

Our panel guests come from three generations and four continents. In conversation with moderator Dietmar Kraus, they reflect on their highs and lows working in collaborative editing teams. Film clips from selected projects will also be shown.

The panel guests are:

Edgar Burcksen, USA
Irene Blecua, Spain
Nitin Baid, India
Cristina Carrasco Hernández, Argentinien

Saturday, 15 October 2022 | Filmforum at the Museum Ludwig
Moderator: Dietmar Kraus
The panel will be in English

The international programme at Edimotion is supported by the Filmfestivalförderprogramm de⁺ of the Goethe Institute.



©Peter Zakhary ©Peter Zakhary

Edgar Burcksen

International Panel

Originally from the Netherlands, Edgar Burcksen was born 1947 in Apeldoorn and raised in Eindhoven. He studied at the NFA film school in Amsterdam from 1968 to 1972. After a successful career start as an editor, he moved to California in 1985, where, among other accolades, he won an Emmy for his editing of the series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1992). For over a decade until 2019, he served on the board of American Cinema Editors (ACE), and was editor of the ACE magazine „CinemaEditor“ from 2003 to 2020. For this dedication, he received the Robert Wise Award at the 2011 Eddie Awards ceremony. He is committed to the international expansion of ACE and initiated the „ACE International Partners“ for this purpose.

© Berklee Campus Valencia © Berklee Campus Valencia

Irene Blecua

International Panel

Born in Barcelona in 1971, Irene Blecua moved to Madrid at the age of 20. She studied short terms at UCLA and NYU in the United States, and began working as a trainee in editing rooms in 1995. In 2000, she edited her first feature film in Los Angeles and has since worked on over 50 productions, including the feature film The Secret Life of Words by Isabel Coixet, the crime thriller Secret Agents by Frédéric Shoendoerffer, the musical My Heart Goes Boom! by Nacho Ãlvarez, and three seasons of the Netflix series Élite. In 2019, Irene Blecua became the founding president of the Madrid-based film editors association „Asociación de montadores audiovisuales de España“ (AMAE) and remained in this position until 2021. She is also a member of the Spanish Film Academy.

© privat © privat

Nitin Baid

International Panel

Born in Calcutta in 1985, Nitin Baid studied psychology, media studies and literature in Bangalore. At the same time, he joined a film club and edited his first short films. He then moved to the headquarters of Indian film: Mumbai. There he attended the renowned film school Whistling Woods. In 2015, Masaan, his first feature-length project as a film editor, won the FIPRESCI Prize and the „Promising Newcomer Award“ in the Cannes section „Un certain regard“. In addition to several other editing awards, he received the International Indian Film Academy Award (IIFA) in 2020, for the editing of Gully Boy. In 2022, Nitin Baid was selected as one of the travel grant recipients for the International Film Editors Forum (IFEF) at Edimotion.

© Patricio Pomares © Patricio Pomares

Cristina Carrasco Hernández

International Panel

Born in 1983 in Caracas, Venezuela, Cristina Carrasco Hernández studied Communication at the „Universidad Católica Andrés Bello“ (UCAB) in Caracas from 2001 to 2006, while also beginning to work as an editor. In 2007 she migrated to Argentina, where she completed a BA in Film Editing at the „Escuela Nacional de Realización y Experimentación Cinematográfica“ (ENERC ) in Buenos Aires from 2011 to 2013. She co-edited the feature film La Familia, which premiered in Cannes in 2017 in the section „Semaine de la Critique“. She also edited the comedy Re Loca, which was one of the highest-grossing Argentine films in 2018. Cristina is a board member of the Argentine editors association „Asociación Argentina de Editores Audiovisuales“ (EDA).

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